Brews and bullishness – Metro US

Brews and bullishness

Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson

Author: Andrea Mandel-Campbell
Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre
Price: $24.95

It’s a sad and frustrating tale that in Canada, the top beer drunk is not Canadian. Its America’s King of Beers, Budweiser that holds that spot.

So how then could we even expect our businesses to be represented in the global market place when we don’t even consume our own brands with loyalty?

Author, Andrea Mandel-Campbell’s book Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson, is a sobering look at the performance of Canadian business in the global market place.

One of the reason’s I chose this book for discussion at my company’s upcoming book club is that this title takes a look at the Canadian way of doing business up until 2008 when it was published.

Mandel-Campbell noted that Canadians have not been bold or aggressive enough to go after a global market and for this reason earned the reputation of being overly prudent and risk averse.

Fast forward to today where you see Canadian Banks Juggernauted to the upper echelon of the banking world and being heralded for mostly avoiding the global financial meltdown.

This book is a major wake-up call. Given the current opportunity we have, Canada has been given a second chance to take on the world. Great book, a must read if you plan on launching a global empire.