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Bridges getting a makeover

Core commuters may be feeling a sense of déjà vu.

The city will unfurl new banners on the seven bridges that enter Calgary’s downtown that will be a fresh take on some previous work.

Some 140 banners will be hoisted over the next month, crafted by local “fabric artists” who are taking previous ensigns and recycling them to create unique art for the downtown gateways.

David Down, the city’s urban design and heritage co-ordinator, said the artists pitched a unique concept that will use some of the previous banners from 2008 and earlier to create new designs that will be in place until next spring.

“Normally, we would have a submission processes but the fabric artists pitched the idea and it seemed like a good fit,” he said.

“You’ll see parts of previous works all woven together.”

That means no two banners will be the same and include a mix of older flower designs as well as the occasional inclusion of human mouths, ears and eyes from last year’s offering that promoted ordinary Calgarians.

Funding for the bi-annual replacement of the bridge banners comes from the city’s $50,000 downtown improvement fund.

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