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Bringing sexy back

One of the sexiest parts of the body is one of the most forgotten at the gym.

“Women especially neglect their backs — they think it will make them bulky,” says Daniela Nahas, co-founder of the Best Body Bootcamp. “Not true!”

It’s important to train the back, one of the body’s major muscle groups, for both function and vanity, Nahas says. A fit, toned back helps you stand tall, perform day-to-day tasks — and look dead sexy in a backless dress or tank top, she says.

“For guys, it will give them a much stronger-looking upper body,” she adds.

Nahas recommends a standing cable row, which simulates the pulling motion in many household chores. The exercise also strengthens the core muscles that stabilize the body. The cable row can be done with an exercise band — just loop it around a pole or secure object.

Standing cable row
1. Use a double-handle attachment on the cable machine, at shoulder height. Beginners should start with low weight.

2. Stand tall with abs tight and grab the handles.

3. Step back until arms are straight and a little below shoulder height.

4. Pull the handle toward your chest, keeping elbows close to your sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. The motion should come from your upper back.

5. Repeat as many times as you can. That’s one set; do three.