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Broadway gets ‘Hair’-y for ‘Idol’ star Ace Young

“American Idol” Season 5 runner-up Ace Young may have had intense run-ins with rabid admirers in the past, but while playing Berger in the Broadway production of “Hair,” the fan interaction is reaching another level of weird.

“The older women, I mean older, older women, they’re bigger predators because they have nothing to lose,” Young explains. “I had a 70-year-old woman on one of my opening lines look under my little sash. Right after I said the line, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’ this woman put her hand in between my legs and then she looked at me and goes, ‘It’s a boy.’”

Well, what can you expect from a musical that’s about free love? The lively revival of the original 1967 production constantly involves audience members, which means Young never knows when he’s going to get felt up by old women and teenagers alike. But that strange unpredictability (and the nudity, let’s not forget the nudity) is what makes being a part of the show such a trip, as the hippies say.

“I get the chance to show my alter ego every day, which is awesome to me,” he says. “Berger is a side of Ace that I wouldn’t show.”


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