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Brooklyn actress locked up for scuffle over Confederate flag in South Carolina

A young Brooklyn actress, who got into an altercation with South Carolina secessionists over their Confederate flag display, is now facing criminal charges for actions that in New York City might have gotten her a medal.

Lydia Folckomer, 22, and her father, Paul Folckomer, 50, were arrested in Charleston, South Carolina, on Saturday afternoon after Lydia broke two miniature Confederate flags off a parked truck and ran away with them, the Post and Courier reported.

The flags belonged to members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party, who raise the Confederate flagweekly during a ceremony at the Charleston battery.

Folckomer now faces charges of malicious injury to real property. Her father, of Brevard, North Carolina, was charged with simple assault for blocking and grabbing James Bessenger, 27, the founder of the South Carolina Seccesionist Party, when he tried to chase Lydia down for stealing the flags, according to the newspaper.

Lydia told police “she grabbed the flags because they upset her,” the Post and Courier reported, while Paul said “he grabbed Bessenger to keep him from chasing his daughter.”

The two reportedly were in jail overnight and were released on Sunday.

“The moral of the story? Make the Yankees pay for their crimes when they come to our state, break our laws and attempt to dishonor our ancestors,” the Secessionist Party wroteon its Facebook in a now-deleted post.

According to a cached version of her Twitter account, which along with her other social media accounts has been deactivated as conservative and Southern blogs spread the story of the scuffle, Lydia Folckomer is an actor, writer, producer and comedian.

She expressed liberal sentiments on her Twitter, writing in a pinned tweet, “Finding out the guy you like is a Republican feels like when Liesl from The Sound of Music finds out Rolf is a Nazi.”

Meanwhile, Secessionist Party members and their supporters have circulated the story of the Folckomers widely online.

“Both victims testified at the bond hearing, expressing their disgust with people from out of state coming into South Carolina, damaging private property and attacking our people,” the Seccessionist Party wrote on Facebook.

A hearing for the Folckomers is scheduledfor July 22 at Charleston City Courthouse.

Pro-confederate flag activists plan to attend.

“The Secessionist Party is asking that all available members, supporters and flaggers come to the courthouse on that date to show their support, flags in hand,” the Secessionist Party wrote on Facebook.

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