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Brooklyn artist Jenny Beatty creates iconic art from bike parts

obey, shepard fairey jenny beatty, bike chain art, art bike parts New York artist Jenny Beatty used bike chains to recreate the iconic OBEY face by Shepard Fairey.

A cycling fanatic has recreated famous artworks and pop culture icons using scrap bike parts. Jenny Beatty, 31, from Brooklyn, New York has fashioned familiar works including a picture of Walter White from hit TV show “Breaking Bad”, the icon for clothing line “OBEY” and film poster of Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws”.

A design a day, for 100 days

The New York-based artist’s 100 Hoopties project is a design challenge where every day for 100 days (7 April – 15 July) an iconic poster design will be reanimated through scrapped bicycle parts. Beatty has used various recycled bicycle parts including chains, reflectors, handlebar plugs, pulley cages, springs, and brake bolts and pads.

Artist’s viewpoint

“My project is a convergence of my visual and cultural influences as a graphic designer with my passion for cycling. Everyday I reassembled scrapped bicycle parts to recreate an iconic artwork,” says Jenny Beatty, 31, artist from Brooklyn.

Old bike shop sets project in motion

“The idea for 100 Hoopties came about serendipitously,” Beatty admits. “Last year, I was living above a bike shop that was going out of business. For weeks, I would walk past the shop coming home and the sidewalk would be filled with left over ‘junk’. One day I came across a pretty much new set of Mustache handlebars – naturally I snapped them up!

Self-discipline keeps artist going

The secret to her 100 day project? “Self-discipline,” reckons Beatty: “You must become obsessed with the project because doing something for 100 days is not only difficult logistically but can become repetitive and boring after 20 or 30 days A lot of people don’t make it all the way to 100 without being truly in love and thrilled with their project.”

By the numbers: 5

Beatty’s bicycle junk was sitting on her landing for five months before the idea finally came to do her 100 days, 100 designs project.