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Brooklyn Brewery’s Beer Mansion is the ultimate hipster garden party

It wasn’t even 15 minutes after we arrived at Brooklyn Brewery’s Beer Mansion before an attendee walked past saying, “This place is so Brooklyn.”

That’s not necessarily a good thing, but in the case of Beer Mansion, it was.

It’s been five years since Brooklyn Brewery started throwing their immersive Mash parties all over the country, but there hasn’t been one here on its home turf until this weekend. Taking over East Williamsburg’s The Well and The Monto created a labyrinth of beer experiences — or just the platonic ideal of a hipster garden party.

What is that? A party where you can sit outdoors and watch local bands rock out, enjoying some of the borough’s trendiest grub like Roberta’s pizzas and Bunker’s Vietnamese lobster rolls. Or a casual art room where you could add your own flourishes to a giant beer bottle painting or design your own coasters. There’s even a science corner exploring the chemistry of Kiwi’s Playhouse, including a tasting of its unblended sour mash.

Though each room was touted as being themed to a style of beer, we’re not sure turning off the lights adds to the experience of sipping an imperial porter, or what kind of “forest” contains lawn chairs and a haiku writer in his own little gossamer curtain booth. Maybe exactly the kind that pops up in Brooklyn.

But the high concept isn’t necessary. Just having five different ways to spend an evening with friends is fun enough, and there’s plenty of time to try all of the unlimited brews — we never waited more than a couple minutes for a generous sample pour.

Luckily for you, this weekend’s Brooklyn Beer Mansion is just the start of their world tour for 2017. Here’s where it’s popping up next:

Brooklyn: April 21-22
London: May 12-13
Paris: June 8-9
Philadelphia: Aug. 11-12
Gothenburg: Sept. 1-2
Chicago: Sept. 22-23
Washington, D.C.: Oct. 20-21
Boston: Oct. 27-28

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