Brooklyn eatery creates pizza box made entirely out of pizza – Metro US

Brooklyn eatery creates pizza box made entirely out of pizza

Brooklyn eatery creates pizza box made entirely out of pizza

New Yorkers love their pizza and one Brooklyn pizzeria is making sure they get as much of it as they can — while also giving the environment a helping hand.

On Wednesday, Vinnie’s Pizzeria — which has locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint — announced via Twitter that it had created “The Pizza Box Pizza.”

This latest creation is a pizza box made 100 percent out of pizza and was debuted featuring a pepperoni pie inside.

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“No waste, 100% pizza and 100% delicious,” the eatery tweeted.

According to NBC4 New York, Sean Bethiaume, one of the pizzeria’s co-owners, said the decision to create the pizza box came during a slow day at the eatery combined with his love for experimenting. He added that seeing a large amount of boxes in the trash also helped inspire him.

“I thought, ‘What if you can make something that you can eat every part of?'” Bethiaume told NBC.
The box is made up of a Sicilian pie on the bottom layer and topped with what resembles a layer of garlic bread without any sauce or cheese, according to DNAinfo.

Customers are welcomed to order the pizza box pizza, which is available for delivery and includes a pie inside the box and costs about $40, DNAinfo reported. The box with the pizza is expected to feed between four to six people.

Bethiaume added that Vinnie’s is still figuring out how to get the pies delivered without actually placing them inside a real box and for the moment plan to wrap it in aluminum foil and deliver it in a pizza bag.

Although the announcement of the the pizza box pizza went viral — with the tweet getting retweeted close to two thousand times—this is not the first time the Brooklyn restaurant created a unique take on your average cheesy slice.

Vinnie’s has previously come up with the idea of a pizza topped with mini pizza slices, a cheese slice covered in lucky charms cereal, and when Prince passed away last week — they created a pie in the shape of the late singer’s symbol.

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The pizzeria is also well known for it’s special dry erase boards that feature daily specials and hand drawn images ranging from Chuck Norris to Star Wars-inspired creations.

“Vinnie’s specializes in unique and creative cuisine utilizing classic style and ingredients,” a description on the pizzeria’s official website reads. “Our dedication and pride makes for a very enjoyable experience, every time you walk in the door.”