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Brooklyn woman receives letters sent in 1969

Credit: Reuters One Brooklyn woman had to wait a long time for some special letters.
Credit: Reuters

A Brooklyn woman got a blast from the past this month when she received three letters in the mail that were sent 45 years ago.

Susan Heifetz told The Brooklyn Paper that she received a call on April 3 from a man who lives at the Homecrest apartment where she grew up. He said he had a letter for her, and that it was postmarked 1969.

When the man told her there was a lipstick mark on the back of the envelope, Heifetz knew it was real because her mom always sealed her letters with a kiss.

The letter turned out to be a 19th birthday card sent to Heifetz by her parents, who have since passed away.

She subsequently received two more letters that were also sent in 1969. One was from an old boyfriend who wrote to her while serving in Vietnam, and the other was a birthday card from her brother.

Heifetz said the mysterious letters were exactly what she needed. She had been planning to move to Las Vegas but did not want to leave her parents, who were laid to rest in Brooklyn.

“With all that I’ve been going through, I take this as a sign that my parents will find me no matter where I am,” she said.

A post office spokeswoman told The Brooklyn Paper that the letters could not have been floating around the postal system for this long. She said someone was probably holding onto them and recently put them back in the mail.

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