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Budding young scientists shine during weekend fair

Effluent expurgation is not necessarily a term that you will hear out of the mouth of the average seventh grader.

But for Brennon Grohn and Michael Gras of the Aurora Charter School, it is an important one, an award-winning one. Since September, the friends have been working on making it their research project.

In two analytical tests, the boys were investigating the efficacy of various absorbents in removing toxic chemicals, trying to find a solution for environmental issues related to the tar sand industry.

As two of about 250 students from Edmonton and surrounding communities, they were able to present their findings at the regional science fair at the NAIT main campus this weekend.

The young scientists, students from Grades 4 to 12, presented their skills in 164 projects that were evaluated by over 100 judges on Saturday and exhibited to the public on Sunday.

“Every year it seems that the top projects just get a little bit more complicated and sophisticated,” said Sue Chapotelle, a member of the regional science fair committee for over 30 years.

Out of 16 different categories, the eight best participants were chosen to attend the Canada Wide Science Fair in Peterborough, Ont., in May.

The award ceremony was held at the NAIT’s Shaw Theatre.

Even though their project, recognized with four different awards, didn’t get them a flight to Ontario this year, Brennon and Michael plan to celebrate and try again next year.

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