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Bulls Ben Simmons NBA Trade Rumors Knicks Sixers Pelicans

Bulls Ben Simmons NBA Trade Rumors Knicks Sixers

The Sixers peaked a week ago with their blowout win over the Bucks, but since then they have reverted back to their inconsistent play. Here is the latest on the Bulls Ben Simmons NBA Trade Rumors Knicks Sixers prospective deals.

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Philly has lost three games in a row and currently stands as the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference.

If the Sixers do not start to string together victories soon, general manager Elton Brand will feel compelled to make a move.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons recently discussed how the Sixers roster was in need of a tweak – focusing on the team’s need for a point guard that can shoot the ball.

Here is their conversation, which began when they talked about how the Sixers should have traded Simmons a year ago.

Windhorst on Bulls Ben Simmons NBA Trade Rumors Knicks Sixers: I know you love what-ifs, but what if they had offered Ben Simmons for Anthony Davis?

Simmons: I was calling for that. That was the trade to make. And by the way, New Orleans would have said yes to that deal.

Windhorst: Yes, because he’s an LSU guy. I know he was only there for 15 minutes but not only is he an All-Star but they can sell it.

Simmons: Would you trade Tobias Harris for Chris Paul?

Windhorst: No. I mean, I understand why you would say that but, no. I would try to get Jrue Holiday from New Orleans.

Simmons: Everybody wants Jrue Holiday. You know why? Because he’s really good. I wouldn’t trade Jrue Holiday if I were the Pelicans would you?

Windhorst: Depends on what the offer is.

Simmons: Would you trade Jrue Holiday for Simmons, because that’s one of my favorite trades.

Windhorst: If I were the Pelicans, that’s an interesting one.

I feel like Philly would want something else in the deal.

Simmons on Bulls Ben Simmons NBA Trade Rumors Knicks Sixers: Really? I’d just be so happy that I got Jrue Holiday. Because now I’m like, wow, we can actually win the Finals now. What is Simmons five years from now?

Windhorst: This is a very polarizing topic. There are certain people that think Ben Simmons is Magic Johnson Lite.

Simmons: So the case for Simmons is that he’s such a great athlete and he really does have a high basketball IQ. He does stuff, especially at the end of games defensively. And yet, how many big games has he even been in?

Other teams that could be in the market for Simmons if he were put on the block, are the Knicks and Bulls as they are two big markets that are in dire need of a franchise face.

The Knicks would need to give up a pupu platter of their players and picks in a proposed Simmons deal, including point guard Dennis Smith Jr., Philly native Marcus Morris and leading scorer Julius Randle.

The Bulls, meanwhile, would need to surrender point guard Zach LaVine, who is pumping in 23.4 points per game this season.