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Busy Philipps talks self care in the new year

Busy Philipps agrees that the pressure to make — and keep — New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming.

“They’re tough, right?” says the actress. “Everyone has that experience of making that lofty, unrealistic New Year’s resolution only to feel like a total failure two weeks in, and that’s not a great way to start your year off.”

The 37-year-old, who first won us over as lovable bully Kim Kelly in “Freaks and Geeks” and is now making us laugh as Neal Gamby (Danny McBride)’s ex-wife Gale Liptrapp in the HBO comedy “Vice Principals,” prefers the idea of making smaller, incremental changes.

She’s partnered with Campbell’s Soup to promote their #WellYesMoment, a campaign encouraging folks to share their small, daily victories — year round.

It’s in conjunction with the release of Campbell’s new lineof Well Yes! Soups: nine flavors featuring wholesome, nutritious ingredients in preservative-free, non-BPA lined cans. The hearty choices include a black bean soup with red quinoa, or a sweet potato and corn chowder with red peppers and wild rice.

“I really enjoy soup as a quick, easy thing to eat for lunch,” says the mother of two. “And I’m a firm believer in being able to pronounce things on labels. I won’t buy food for me or my kids if it seems like it’s not whole, simple ingredients — I’m not interested in putting it in my body.”

What does a #WellYesmoment mean to Philipps? Taking time for yourself and avoiding the guilt trip, especially as a working mother. “If I need to go get a facial, I’m not going to feel bad about that. I’m going to enjoy that moment,” she says.

The concept also informs her post-election approach to the new year.

“Everybody’s got this thing, like, ‘Let’s hope that 2017 isn’t as terrible as 2016’; look, there is so much in the world that is out of our control, and we know that,” she says. “But we can control the positive things that we can do on a day to day basis — and maybe there is something to it. If we all choose to have a more positive outlook, then it’s a butterfly effect that can really change things.”

Especially when it comes to service work. “Opening up your checkbook is amazing; the other thing is, people can give their time, which is free, and in many ways, more valuable,” she says, adding that she strives to teach her kids the value of helping those less fortunate.

In the Lenny Letter article “After the Election,” Philippssharesa recent conversation she had with her 8 year-old daughter Birdie. “We will fight for what’s right and for people who can’t fight,” she tells her. “We will keep volunteering and raising money for things like public libraries…and the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.”

Philipps has a, well,busyyear ahead. Season 2 of “Vice Principals” drops in the summer, and in the meantime, she’s sold a pilot to HBO and is writing a film, which she hopes to also direct. To keep motivated, the California resident makes sure she exercises regularly.

“I need the endorphins,” she says. “Working out is as important to me for my body and my brain. If I don’t it’s a noticeable difference — I get dark real fast.” When traveling for work, as soon as she lands she’ll hit up a SoulCycle or squeeze in a run.

“I think it’s very important to sweat,” she says, adding that she’s really into infrared saunas right now. “Go to Higher Dose on the Lower East Side,” she says. “You’ll feel like you’ve gotten a full body massage.”

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