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How Can You Buy TikTok Followers From Best Reputed Websites? Safe and Guaranteed


In recent years, TikTok quickly became the go-to platform for sharing short videos. Many individuals or businesses have found success on TikTok, especially those with a massive following.

However, unless you are a celebrity or someone who can produce viral content regularly, getting lots of followers is a steep hill to climb. That’s why some choose to buy Tik Tok followers

You’d be surprised that many influencers buy TikTok followers to jumpstart their journey into fame. To help you achieve the same, we looked for websites that offer assistance on how to get TikTok followers and other related services.

Why Buy Tik Tok Followers?

Social media is primarily based on popularity and engagement. Influencers with a massive number of followers, views, and likes are usually successful.

A TikTok video with only a few views will remain that way and is less likely to become viral if the account has a small following. It may sound unfair, but that’s the culture of the app and social media in general. If you think about it, people won’t hesitate to follow influencers who already have many followers compared to those who don’t.

Popular influencers have the advantage of getting more likes and followers despite having similar content to those with a small following. They are more likely to reach more users because the app promotes their content. If you intend to reach their level soon, it’s not a bad idea to get TikTok followers by buying them.

Where To Buy Tik Tok Followers

You may find the app’s algorithm challenging to figure out because TikTok’s software design is not similar to other popular social media platforms. Fortunately, opting to buy TikTok followers will save you from the hassle of learning how to get your videos more visible.

Let’s explore what these growth providers offer and how they can provide solutions on how to buy followers on TikTok.

1. Social-viral.com

Social-viral.com has established itself as a growth provider that operates across several platforms. Most review sites labeled its service as legitimate, which brands its service as a recommended method of how to get TikTok followers quickly.

The website offers to increase a TikTok account’s likes, auto likes, followers, and views. When you buy TikTok followers from Social-viral, your account will get new followers in about 12 hours. You can see the prices on its homepage, so you don’t need to look far and wide to know how much you need to invest.

The big brands like Us magazine, In touchweekly, Amny, Tampabay, The portugal news, Itnews africa, Buffalo news, Business review, Economic Times, Mens Journal, Qns, Dailyiowan, Inventiva, Abc15, State Journal, Thedubrovniktimes, and closeweekly recommend Social Viral as the best TikTok service provider.

Social-viral is not limited to TikTok. It can increase your social media stats on other platforms, like Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram. Many claim success after using this website’s services, so it’s one of the most recognized companies for online growth.

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2. Stormlikes.net

Stormlikes.net is an online growth company that claims to help users get Tik Tok followers, likes, and views. Unlike Social-viral, Stormlikes.net doesn’t give a general delivery time when you buy TikTok followers. Instead, you will get a precise, expected turnaround time so that there’s no mystery on when the account will receive the growth.

Stormlikes offers 24/7 live support to guarantee that those who avail of its services will receive the engagement they ordered with no issues. Many reviewers claim genuine results in growth services and customer satisfaction.

The website also includes an affiliate program through which interested parties can advertise their services in exchange for a commission. Stormlikes.net takes advantage of this strategy to create a larger community based on its services.

3. Followers.io

Followers.io promises to boost organic TikTok presence by selling followers. Although, you might notice it uses a generic website layout for an online social media growth provider. Note that Followers.io is more into growing Spotify accounts.

That said, you may avail 1,000 to 15,000 TikTok fans with extra options of likes and views at a special rate. In case you don’t receive the correct number of followers, Followers.io will refund your money. However, it’s not too far-fetched to think that the website might be using bots, considering the price of its services.

4. Howsociable

Howsociable focuses on selling Instagram followers but also offers growth on TikTok, Facebook, and SoundCloud. You may buy 100 up to 5,000 followers per order, with promises like real accounts, a 24/7 support system, and instant delivery.

The website attests that more followers will help your account and videos be viral and relevant. It’s not necessarily a groundbreaking claim, but it serves as a reminder of the benefits of the additional following.

5. ExploreinLife

The design of ExploreinLife doesn’t resemble the usual aesthetic details seen on most online growth provider websites. You might assume it is a fashion blog or something similar, as it features models, bags, and other fashion-related content. It appears to market buying TikTok followers as a means to promote a brand rather than the general notion of increased social media popularity.

The lowest package ExploreinLife offers is 500 followers, which is much higher than others. Fast delivery and 24/7 support are offered to entice customers to try its service. While there isn’t too much feedback about the website, Scamvoid.net listed it as potentially safe.


6. SNS Helper

SNS Helper offers high quality and cheap prices to anyone buying TikTok followers. Numbers start from 50 followers, and the maximum you can avail is 10,000 followers for a single order.

Interestingly, SNS Helper also offers account growth of other less or formerly popular websites, including Vine, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It claims that about 250,000 clients availed its services with over seven million completed orders.

7. Popular To Go

Popular To Go promises instant delivery if you avail of its growth service. While it doesn’t deviate from the usual website design of other providers, it indicates some instructions on the main page. It recommends that you don’t combine the growth service provided by Popular To Go and other websites.

8. Sidesmedia

According to Sidesmedia, it uses real accounts when you buy TikTok likes and other types of engagement. Buying TikTok followers is risk-free, as it uses real followers made by people and not bots. You can also boost other social media accounts on other prominent platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook.

Sidesmedia promises to complete your order within three days, which is not as fast as other growth providers. It offers growth of followers and engagement easier compared to organically-grown accounts.

That said, the potential of losing followers over time is not unusual because the accounts used are real. While it’s commendable that Sidesmedia is transparent when it comes to that aspect, it may deter some from considering its packages. Also, you may want to look elsewhere to buy TikTok followers cheap, as the website charges more for its services than others.

9. TikTokstorm

It’s no surprise that many providers claim to be the best way on how to buy followers on TikTok. TikTokstorm is no exception, as you’ll immediately see it once you access its website. As the name implies, its service is focused solely on TikTok.

You may order up to 50,000 real and instant followers in one order. According to TikTokstorm, it never uses bots to increase the followers of the buyer. It promises organic reach, 24/7 support, engaging people, and other usual guarantees. Expect the delivery not to be as fast as others.

10. Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek has a team of veterans and vast databases to help brands and businesses get more exposure. It utilizes White Hat SEO to deliver organic followers, views, and likes on TikTok and other social media platforms.

SFG appears to be more descriptive in what it offers and how it performs its services. There’s also a 100% money-back guarantee on orders not completed, although many growth providers promise the same. You may resell the services of Social Fans Geek by contacting the website via email. Besides, the price for 100 followers is low, which may entice some to try its service.

11. ProGotop

It will take only three steps if you purchase a growth service package from ProGotop. The website also offers growth services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram accounts. You may choose from 100 to 2,000 TikTok followers on a single order.

ProGotop assures it is not a fake growth provider because it uses PayPal for transactions. If there is an issue with the order, PayPal has a well-established customer protection program to help protect you.

The website also promises secrecy when it comes to buying TikTok followers. The lack of feedback on ProGotop can be concerning, but since you’ll be paying via PayPal, getting a refund is easier.

12. Popular Up

If you visit the website of SNSNature, you might get confused as it uses the name Popular Up for its online growth services. The website promises they use 100% real users and offer a quick turnaround time for their packages. However, it is common for growth providers to declare these details, so it is not necessarily surprising.

Popular Up offers services performed by a team of passion-driven developers worldwide. What you’ll like about it even more are its seven-day refill guarantee and 24/7 customer support. It claims results experienced by over one million accounts via genuine marketing practices.

13. Social Infinity

Security assurance, the best customer support, and excellent quality are the primary guarantees of buying TikTok followers from Social Infinity. You may purchase a package from the website via credit/debit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. Besides followers, you can buy TikTok likes, views, and comments from this provider.

The company listed its phone number for inquiries, a piece of info that other online growth providers don’t openly give away. You may also notice it has a lot of positive reviews on Trustindex.

While it may appear legitimate, the website indicates those reviews came from Trustpilot, a more established review site. It’s a tad misleading because those two websites are not the same. Whether this inconsistency is deliberate or accidental, some may find it a red flag.

14. TikFree Followers

This website doesn’t have much of a difference from other growth providers regarding design, FAQs, and guarantees. However, it doesn’t label the packages based on the number of followers. Instead, the website offers Beginner, Small, Medium, and Large plans.

You’d get 500 to 550 if you purchase the most affordable package. It doesn’t offer the 50- or 100-follower setup used by other companies. The website also has some TikTok-related articles, which is a pleasant surprise as most growth providers don’t bother.

15. Get Viewed

The company claims it has over 10 years of expertise in social media growth, and many companies are simply reselling its services. Get Viewed promises a 100% guarantee if you choose to buy TikTok followers from the site.

While these declarations are bold and daunting, the website doesn’t indicate anything about bots or real accounts. Because it offers a quick delivery time, it’s fair to assume that Get Viewed could be using fake or bot accounts. Despite that, Sitejabber, a review site, gave it a positive rating.

16. Views Expert

Views Expert stresses the hardship of increasing the number of followers and engagement in social media. It offers an extra push to achieve the potential required to make it in today’s digital culture. The lowest number of followers Views Expert sells is 250, more than enough to get you started.

Besides follower increase, the website also allows you to buy TikTok likes and other engagement. It promises a fast delivery time, as the company indicates that results will show within a few hours.

17. Manager Gram

While Manager Gram uses design elements for its name and logo from Instagram, it offers growth for TikTok accounts. Manager Gram has packages that range from 500 up to 20,000 followers covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. It claims that the accounts used are genuine to ensure top growth quality. 

According to Manager Gram, the orders will take effect within 24 hours. Aside from fast delivery, it promotes itself as the “best site to buy TikTok followers cheap.” You may reach Manager Gram via phone, WeChat, or WhatsApp if you have any concerns or questions.

18. SocialMissile

SocialMissile offers growth services but doesn’t feature the same setup we usually see in other providers. There are three steps required before they increase your TikTok follower count.

Firstly, someone will reach out to you and ask about the goal and the target audience. After that, a team will do research based on the information you gave. This is to ensure the growth provided is optimized and organic. Lastly, the number of followers of your account will grow because of relevant users, implying the increase will appear organic.

This service provider also indicates that if the goal is not achieved for the month, SocialMissile will refund the payment. There’s also an option where it will continue to work without an additional fee until the order is completed.

19. Flatfitty

Flatfitty offers some of the most affordable rates for increasing TikTok followers. Design-wise, it doesn’t have too much going on, but one nice touch is the ability to leave comments. You can check these comments to get an idea about how Flatfitty delivers its services.

This company can provide up to 20,000 real TikTok fans in one order. While it has a refund policy, it only applies to certain conditions. If the order is not fulfilled or has slow completion, you have to reach out for assistance within seven days.

20. Goorapid

Goorapid provides growth services for some of the world’s most popular social media platforms. It implies that more followers will lead to more visibility, so increasing the number of fans will result in more chances of success.

The website has a standard setup for packages, but there is a difference. You have the option to choose Normal, Fast, or Drip Feed, allowing you to customize how the followers will reflect on your account. While there’s a preset about the number of followers you can purchase, Goorapid said it has unlimited follower accounts.

21. High Social

When it comes to web design for online growth providers, High Social looks as professional as it can be. The website claims it doesn’t use fake accounts and bots to provide its services. Instead, the orders are processed via AI targeted vote with content promotion done organically.

Through this process, High Social claims it has helped more than 15,000 clients get TikTok followers. High Social is not shy to feature TikTok users who purchased its services because you can see a number of them showcased on its page.

22. FeedPixel

Feedpixel offers free and paid services to help grow social media accounts. It can provide fast delivery of followers to boost the reputation and credibility of your TikTok profile. You can either purchase the standard packages or bundles. There’s also a Bundle Builder available if you want a more customized order based on your preferences.

Feedpixel states it helped over 1,200 TikTok accounts all over the world. It even has a YouTube channel that explains how it grows an account, so you’d be more confident about trying its services.

23. FameShop

FameShop is a TikTok-focused growth provider that can help increase your number of likes, followers, views, and shares. The website design is presentable, and the packages are well-defined. Its main page asks for your TikTok username to highlight the number of followers and price, which is a bit more aggressive compared to others.

The advantages listed on the website are pretty much what you can expect with growth providers. Fameshop claims it has used over 20 million followers in boosting TikTok accounts. The reviews presented are generic, so some may doubt if these people and comments are authentic.

24. Followersup

Followersup has a relatively long tenure compared to other growth providers because it started in 2016. It promises a standard turnaround time from five minutes to an hour, which is significantly fast.

The company accepts cryptocurrency for one-time orders, but monthly packages require a credit or debit card payment. On top of followers, this Estonia-based website can also provide auto likes and views.

Given the delivery time and the type of services it offers, Followersup could be using bots. Still, it provides a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can be more at ease when purchasing a package from the website.

25. Like-follower

To buy TikTok followers cheap, you may want to look at Like-follower. It provides improvement of social media presence at affordable rates. You can avail of its packages from 100 to 5,000 followers.

The website promises absolute confidentiality and real profiles. However, the delivery time is not specific, as Like-follower only mentions Instant delivery. It appears to have a refund policy, but it’s unclear on the terms and conditions.

26. PayMeToo

While websites usually use graphics to make the content more appealing, PayMeToo seems to embrace the opposite. As of this time, it doesn’t display any photos, logos, or other non-text content to sell its services.

PayMeToo boasts that thousands of celebrities have ordered its boost packages. It’s difficult to validate that claim, especially most would deny ever using this kind of service. Price-wise, the website packages are competitive with safe and instant delivery promises. You can also order auto views, shares, and comments for your TikTok account.

27. Share Supplier

Share Supplier promotes itself as a one-stop-shop for boosting social media accounts. The company’s growth capability is credited to its tools and knowledge of the industry.

This website provides TikTok Global Followers from 50 to 10,000. Depending on the order and queue, it could take two to three days for its services to reflect on your account. You may also resell Share Supplier services to earn extra money without direct involvement in the technical aspects of the orders.

28. The Social Savior

For boosting the number of followers, The Social Savior states that it uses real and active accounts. Currently, this website provides TikTok followers only, which range from 500 to 2,500 per order.

The company claims it has been offering growth services since 2016, which could indicate its legitimacy. It also features a 100% retention warranty, ensuring you’ll get more followers if anyone unfollows your account.  

29. Bouxtie

Bouxtie focuses solely on boosting TikTok fans, views, and likes. According to the website, it started offering its services in 2018 for increasing likes on videos.

Price-wise, it would be challenging to see a lower package than what Bouxtie offers. Discount promo codes are also available, which results in more savings. The website’s customer service is available all the time. Regardless of your location, rest assured you will get someone to assist you with any concerns.

Bouxtie claims it could process orders within minutes and deliver the boost in the shortest time. Besides TikTok followers, it also offers automatic likes and views, which can be advantageous or detrimental in a given situation.

That said, upon checking the details on its page, Bouxtie tends to overuse the 100% or 200X when describing its services. While those aren’t necessarily a red flag, it’s not encouraging either.

30. Celebian

Celebian advertises itself as a trusted platform from where you can buy TikTok followers, views, and likes. As of this time, it doesn’t appear it also offers services for other social media sites.

It’s engaging to browse the website, as the layout features TikTok videos with a promise of a free trial on likes and views. Prices are presented based on your location, so if you are residing in the UK, you will see the rates in pound sterling. While the website design is commendable, the lack of real comments about its services is noticeable.

31. Social Packages

You can get 5,000 followers on TikTok for about $80 when you avail yourself of the highest package from Social Packages. The lowest number of followers it offers is 250, with one to two days delivery time. It has a modest website layout that doesn’t use many graphic details. Still, it’s relatively easy to understand the services it provides.

Boosting accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and others is also available. However, some websites claim Social Packages uses fake accounts, which is not preferable as it could lead to suspension or flagging.

Buying TikTok Followers FAQs

Still unsure if this is a route you are willing to take? To help you decide if buying TikTok followers is a worthy investment for you, here are some commonly asked questions concerning this approach:

1. How to choose a growth provider?

In choosing a TikTok growth provider, you have to consider the accounts used, mode of payment, customer service, and feedback. Bot accounts are not preferable because TikTok could warn or suspend your account if it notices there are too many suspicious profiles following you. Only choose services that can provide authentic followers.

Considering the mode of payment is important in case you experience issues with the order.  In relation to this, you’ll want your growth provider to have excellent customer service. You wouldn’t want a non-responsive or unhelpful representative if your purchase didn’t reflect on the account as promised. 

Reputation is also essential because it would be challenging to trust an unknown company with your money and banking details. Some claim that phishing websites pose as growth providers to get sensitive information, so keep that in mind.

2. Is buying TikTok followers safe?

Legitimate growth services don’t require your password because increasing the number of followers is possible without logging in to your account. Usually, they will only ask for your username. This is why there’s less risk if you choose to buy followers.

Then again, as mentioned earlier, an account followed by too many faceless profiles with little to no engagement could result in a warning or suspension. Most growth companies claim risk-free growth if you purchase their service, but it’s always better to be cautious if you are going to use one.

3. Is there a way to masquerade the purchased followers to look more authentic?

Worried that someone might notice the abnormal growth of your followers after purchasing a package? Ordering a small number and then promoting your account naturally is an excellent way to hide your purchased followers. Do this a few times until you have a decent engagement. 

Unless you have a video that became viral, never order a thousand if you have less than a hundred. Most would notice the difference, which could lead to hurtful feedback from your real followers. You can also let go of the purchased followers once you feel that you’re big enough.

4. Why are followers a big deal in TikTok?

More followers increase the probability of your videos ending up in the feeds of the For You page. Once your content is featured there, your engagement, following, and views will skyrocket. After some time, you might not need to get a service to boost your profile because you are already getting authentic growth.

5. When is the right time to buy TikTok followers?

Boost your followers if the growth of your account feels stagnant despite the regular uploading of new videos. If your followers are about a couple of thousands, purchased accounts are a bit harder to identify.

It’s probably more favorable to buy followers if you already have a bit of following. Avoid overdoing it because companies might not trust you if they see that you bought a massive number of followers.

6. Does TikTok allow buying of followers?

There’s no specification in the app’s terms of service that restricts growth providers. Nothing is stopping anyone from boosting their numbers on their account.

That said, TikTok can update its policies relating to purchased followers and related services at any point. Instagram is more restrictive now when it comes to unnatural growth, so it’s not entirely impossible that TikTok will do the same.

7. What can I do to make my account grow naturally?

At some point, growth providers won’t be of much help in making your account more prominent. You can always buy followers and engagement, but there is a little incentive if you can’t produce quality content.

The goal of any TikTok influencer is to get more people to watch their videos. After all, companies will most likely sponsor those with a real following.

You can grow your account naturally by producing regular and quality content. Check and copy what others are doing and add a personal touch to be somewhat unique. Overall, be creative and patient because the competition is fierce and unforgiving.

Buying Followers on TikTok

Buying TikTok followers is an efficient way to jumpstart your influencer career. With countless providers out there, it’s challenging to find which one is the best. You can refer to this list to make your selection faster and easier.

If it’s up to us, pick either Social-Viral or Stormlikes. We’ve had great experiences with both, and we know many others who can say the same. Again, the key is being consistent with your efforts to boost followers organically on top of working with these growth providers.