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Cabbies protest exclusive airport deal

Exclusive right to on-demand cab service at the Calgary International Airport was awarded to a sole provider yesterday, despite a protest held by city cabbies.

Associated Cab (Alta.) Ltd. was signed to a six-year deal effective June 7 allowing only their cabs to pick up passengers at the airport, according to a Calgary Airport Authority release.

“You’ll have a better distribution of taxi-cabs in the city,” said president of Associated Cab Roger Richard.

“In the past, look how many complaints there’s been that the reason you can’t get a taxi downtown or elsewhere is because they were all parked at the airport — well, this is not going to happen.”

Richard said that having only one cab company at the airport wouldn’t negatively impact other drivers in the city.

“Nobody is going to lose their job,” he said.

However, Advance cab driver Anil Oberoi, one of the many protesters at the Harry Hays building yesterday, said his livelihood is being threatened.

“My family depends on my business because I’m the only bread winner in my home,” said Oberoi, adding that he supports his parents, wife and children.

“We are surviving on the businessmen who are coming from the States and they come to the airport.”

Associated was one of a number of companies that submitted proposals for consideration to the airport authority, according to the airport authority release. Numerous calls to the Calgary Airport Authority went unanswered.

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