Calgarians post their slick fix for Gulf spill - Metro US

Calgarians post their slick fix for Gulf spill

Two Calgary engineers believe they may have found the solution to the massive BP oil spill.

Mechanical engineers Thomas Kuelker and Brian Varney set up a miniature version of the Gulf spill in Kuelker’s backyard.

The two filmed their experiment, posted it on YouTube and sent their ideas to BP.

“We did the experiment, proved it and decided that we’ll broadcast it so that people can see that it does work,” said Kuelker.

Their concept is based on the premise that oil rises in water, said Kuelker.

The video shows cooking oil being piped through a tube, captured by a funnel and pumped upwards through nine-foot hose.

“A bench test, which is what that is, what we just did is the first step in proving that something can work,” said Kuelker.

Added Varney: “Our intention was to get some attention here, so what we were requesting from BP is that they get a peer review of the technology from other engineers.”

While BP sent them a response in early May telling them they would be contacted within 24 hours, the two have not heard anything since.

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