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Calgary candidates’ Facebook feud stirs social media storm

Mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi is firing back after one of his opponents targeted him yesterday using Facebook.

Hawkesworth’s team has launched a page on the social media site called “Know Nenshi,” where there is a video posted of Nenshi discussing the sale of the energy company.

“Anytime a candidate for mayor is proposing to sell Enmax, I think the citizens should know about that,” said Hawkesworth. “This is one of the most significant issues in the election that he’s made part of public record and we are just wanting to make sure that that’s amplified and communicated clearly to Calgarians.”

Nenshi, however, responded by saying the video was taken out of context.

“That was an hour long, or an hour-and-a-half long video,” said Nenshi. “It’s fascinating that Alderman Hawkesworth’s team is taking a splice from a (discussion with a) citizen afterwards where I was clearly being sarcastic.”

He said he has always been clear about his views on the city’s ownership of Enmax.

“I got involved in municipal politics in 2001 by writing a paper arguing against the sale of Enmax. I continue to believe that it’s not a good idea.”

Nenshi said he was disappointed to see this from Hawkesworth stating, “We don’t need this dirty American style politics, and I think Alderman Hawkesworth is a better man then that.”

At last look, the “Know Nenshi” page had 12 “likes.”

“We’re not making this up. These are his words not mine,” said Hawkesworth.

The page can been seen here.

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