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Calgary place to be: Mayor

Calgary is the place to be during the economic hard times.

That’s the message Mayor Dave Bronconnier wants Calgarians to know as he delivered his annual State of the City address yesterday to the Downtown Rotary Club.

“When you look at it across the country, or even in North America, this is where you want to be,” Bronconnier told reporters.

Bronconnier said Calgary will move forward with a strategy that includes a massive five-year infrastructure plan and investments in core city services, including $2 billion this year and $6 billion total.

“We have taken dollars to invest for the future and that’s the right way to keep Calgary moving and Alberta a place for people to come and invest in,” Bronconnier said.

The city will be finishing up key LRT projects including the West Leg by 2012, hiring 130 new firefighters and 300 new police officers and adding recreation centres, all of which he equates to a “shot in the arm” for the economy.

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