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Calgary students find their inner ‘Gleeks’

Who says it’s not cool to belong in the Glee Club? Not these Calgary Gleeks.

Although the Bishop Grandin High School has been known for its choral program since the early 90s, enrolment has skyrocketed since the hit Fox program Glee hit the small screen and took the continent by storm, according to choral director Nina White-Baille.

The Grandin program usually boasts over 100 students, but White-Baille says enrolment will jump to over 150 for next year.

“I think it shows that kids don’t have to be tied to one thing in school — they can do two things, or three things,” White-Baille said.

Fans of Glee waited patiently for four months in anticipation of last night’s new episode.

Third-year member Ike Stoodley, 17, is not surprised the school’s choral program has become so popular, with so many students avid Glee viewers.

“I think it’s like how everyone knows the jocks like sports or football, and nobody realized the geeks have things they like to do, too, and with the show I think people see we like stuff, too,” Stoodley said.

And 16-year-old second-year choral student Jordanne Harris agrees.

“I think before people thought choral was just singing but now it’s like they know it’s fun. And I don’t want to say it’s cooler now because I always thought it was cool, but people know that now,” she said.

While White-Baille admits she is “no Mr. Shuester,” referring to the show’s glee club coach, she is excited to lead such a talented group of students.

“They love this and they are good at it,” she added.

The students will head to Vancouver for a competition later this year, and will perform a popular tune covered by the Glee cast — Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

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