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Calgary’s iron chef

Josh Jones made no guarantees other than good food and a cold post-cook-off beer.

Calgary’s version of the Iron Chef at SAIT’s Highwood Room pitted six teams of two sous-chefs from local restaurants against each other in a fierce kitchen battle royale, all hoping to win an all-expenses paid trip to Italy.

“It’s been a little nerve-wracking,” said Tangerine Supper Club’s Jones of dealing with a table of 35 ingredients first thing Sunday morning. “We didn’t know what ingredients we’d be using and we’re not putting too much emphasis on winning, it’s more just the fun of doing it.”

A live feed from the kitchen played out on a massive screen in the dining room, people lingered and sipped wine and Doug Taub grinned.

“This is just great, isn’t it,” the event organizer said, adding the competition was meant as a way to promote a Mediterranean diet and increased olive oil consumption. “It’s more blending a community spirit to everything because more chefs and sous-chefs are really turning out here and having a good time.”
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