Camera captures alleged brutality – Metro US

Camera captures alleged brutality

A seven-minute video posted recently on YouTube that shows Boston police violently arresting a 16-year-old last week has prompted the department to review whether or not excessive force was used.

“There’s clearly use of force there,” Commissioner Ed Davis said yesterday. “The question is whether it was reasonable and proper.”

The video posted Tuesday shows a plain-clothed Boston police officer throwing his closed fist into the back of a struggling suspect as witnesses at Roxbury Community College look on, some shouting and screaming.

“Why are you hitting him in the back, dog,” a person can be heard shouting on the video.

Police said they attempted to arrest the teen who left a detention center without permission and had multiple warrants out for his arrest.

The teen allegedly grabbed the officers handcuffs and started flailing, which can be very dangerous, Davis said.

Three officers were taken to the hospital, he said.

In the video, about 10 plain-clothed and uniformed officers are shown trying to make the arrest or are standing nearby. The officers are still on duty during the review, Davis said.

Internal affairs investigators were reviewing the YouTube footage and have also obtained video from the college.

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