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Campus conference’s order of business: Sustainability

A student-run conference on sustainable business is hoping to attract the local business community when it kicks off its second annual event next week.

As part of the university’s Green Week, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s Sustainable Business Conference will feature researchers, business professionals, and activists speaking on topics including environmental business models, corporate and social responsibility and sustainability challenges.

Green practices are a hot topic right now, said Khadijah Kanji, sustainability campaigns and events supervisor with the SFUO.

While bigger firms have sustainability departments, firms of all sizes are taking or considering environmental initiatives whether it’s building a green building or big box stores putting pressure on their suppliers to become more resource efficient, Kanji said. “And it’s coming from public pressure.”

The conference is held at the university on Friday, Nov. 13. For information, visit sustainable.uottawa.ca.

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