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Can self-service loving lead to unsatisfied customers later?

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Bop the bologna. Pet the lizard. Do the five-finger shuffle. Date Palmela Handerson. Whatever you call it, guys, can masturbation cause ED?

“It’s a complicated question,” according to Dr. Seth Cohen, a urological surgeon and assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Not everyone whose down-below BFF doesn’t want to play has ED.

Erectile dysfunction is seen most commonly in patients with diabetes or who are obese. High blood pressure is also a problem. Cohen walked us through it and it seems pretty logical.

Clogged arteries can cause a heart attack. There are arteries in your penis. Clogged arteries can cause a “penis attack.”

Ouch. And speaking of ouch…

Another cause of erectile dysfunction is trauma.

You’re going to instinctively cover your gonads when you hear this, but there are people who smash windows on their willies, plug their penis in the vacuum (and turn it on) or cause other trauma to their genitals, Cohen told Metro.

Abuse your unemployed friend, and no, he will not rise to sing the national anthem at the ball game.

Masturbation is typically “a man with his left or right hand doing the deed,” Cohen told Metro, and nine times out of 10, that’s how men learn to masturbate.

Some men engage in “prone masturbation, which is when a man is lying on the bed, face down, with his chest on the bed, sort of moving around in a circular or front to back motion until he achieves orgasm,” Cohen explained.

Prone masturbation can be traumatic to your tallywacker.

“Jelqing” should also be avoided, Cohen warned.

“Jelqing is different techniques men have learned from some website or YouTube to stretch the penis in its erectile state,” Cohen explained.

Jelqing is performed in the hopes of stretching member length and girth and is sometimes called “milking,” because, well, that’s kind of what it looks like.

Your problem could be erectile dysfunction if any of the above applies to you, but don’t fret. “Plenty of men in their 20s and 30s who have true organic issues … it’s not all in their heads,” Cohen said. “We can help them and we can fix them.”

OK. So, what about excessive masturbation?

Excessive masturbation can cause erectile difficulties, but not erectile dysfunction, according to Cohen, who is also an OB-GYN at NYU Langone.

So, what about that guy who wakes up and masturbates, gets to work and masturbates, comes home and masturbates, gets ready for bed and masturbates?

“It’s gross,” Cohen said, but it’s not going to lead to ED.

“If he masturbates three times, four times a day and he tries to have sex, that’s not called ED; that’s called he’s masturbating too much,” Cohen said.

Excessive masturbation can cause skin abrasions — we’re talking lots of masturbation — but Cohen said even that won’t lead to ED. The dorsal nerves in the penis are well-enough below the surface that they should be safe from skin-level trauma.

Too much hands-on play can also lead to a decrease in libido. “Your testosterone has to be within a certain limit to hold an erection,” Cohen pointed out.

How much is too much?

“If the gentleman in question is masturbating so much that’s its affecting his job, his social life or his friends, then yes, it’s probably too much,” Cohen told Metro.

Cohen said that if you or your partner think you’re tugging your tamale too frequently, you don’t have to go cold salami and stop everything. Decreasing your dates with your randy handy from five times a day to three or from three to one might be just what you and your partner need.

If that doesn’t help your member stay erect, Cohen suggests seeking medical help. 

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