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Can you afford NYC rents?

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A website with the most search-friendly URL ever (MovingtoNewYorkGuide.com) has developed a simple online calculator to help determine whether you can afford a New York City apartment.

Spoiler alert: You probably can’t.

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“I made this calculator to help people figure how much rent they can afford in New York City,” Reddit user Psvj wrote when he shared the calculator on the New York City subreddit /r/NYC. “There is a simple (quick) version, and a more detailed version that lets you fill in each line item of your budget.”

Check out the calculator below:

How Much Rent Can You Afford?

(Takes 20 Seconds
to Complete)

(Takes 5 to 10 Minutes
to Complete)

This apartment rent calculator was made by the folks at Moving to New York Guide

As we reported last week in our article “Manhattan rents reach high with one-bedrooms leading the way: Report”:

“Renting in Manhattan is more expensive than it’s ever been, a fact that weighs heavily on the city’s long-term housing affordability,” said StreetEasy data scientist Alan Lightfeldt. “In the face of overcrowding, high rents, and growing competition in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, more New Yorkers will have to turn their attention to South and East Brooklyn, and above 110th Street in Manhattan to lower their rent burden.”

Maybe it’s time to move?

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