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Can you hear me now?

Can you imagine getting a ticket for text messaging a friend in class?

The idea might not be all that far-fetched if the provincial Liberals have their way.

Liberal education critic Leo Glavine yesterday introduced a bill to ban the use of cellphones and other communication devices in schools during class time.

“Cellphones have become a great deal more than a distraction in the classroom,” he said.
Ringing cellphones are interrupting lessons and students even use the devices to cheat on tests, he said.

But the president of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union says making a law against their use might be taking the issue a little too far.

“We’re targeting our students,” Mary-Lou Donnelly said.

However, she agreed that the use of cellphones in the classroom has become a huge problem for teachers and said the union is developing a policy around the appropriate use of technology in schools.

Education Minister Karen Casey said legislation against cellphone use is not necessary and the problem can be solved through students and teachers respecting policies set by the school or school board.

“This is an important part of this generation’s communication strategy,” Casey said.

She said she would consider a provincewide policy before agreeing with proposed legislation.

Halifax Regional School Board is one of the only boards in the province without a policy around cellphones in the classroom; rules are determined by each individual school.

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