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Can you tell Thinking Catalog from Thought Catalog?

We’ve long been enthralled by the navel-gazing solipsism going on at popular Internet confessional Thought Catalog — so enthralled, in fact, that we even started a single-issue tumblr devoted to republishing the worst paragraph written on the site every day.

This week, though, another brave soul took up the call and joined us in the fight to shame Thought Catalog back into obscurity (or at least, back to LiveJournal, where overwrought writing belongs). The novelty Twitter account @ThinkingCatalog is a collection of imaginary Thought Catalog articles so Thought Catalog-y they could only have been written by someone who really understands what it’s like to be in your twenties.

Below, a collection of tweets from both Thought Catalog and Thinking Catalog. Can you tell the original from the parody?

[View the story “Thought Catalog vs. Thinking Catalog” on Storify]

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