Canadian Idol Top 24: Katelyn Dawn – Metro US

Canadian Idol Top 24: Katelyn Dawn

Katelyn Dawn, 18
Steinbach, Man.

Each of this year’s Canadian Idol Top 24 competitors feel they have something different to bring to the table. But what they all share is a passion for music.

Although Katelyn Dawn is only 18, she already knows that this is the road she wants to walk down — with a guitar strapped to her.

When it comes to working in a business as highly competitive as music, it takes perseverance and wanting it bad enough to make it anywhere. Those are only two of the qualities Dawn says helped her make it this far in the singing competition.

“I have so much to offer, I’ve had experience in the business already,” she says. “It’s my passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else, and I’m going to work so hard for my fans … and I’m never going to give up.”

Dawn really began singing when she was 15, but has been participating in choirs for as far back as she can remember. All she wants is to get up there on national television and do her thing.

After waiting for 16 hours to see Canadian Idol celebrity judges Jake Gold, Farley Flex, Sass Jordan and Zack Werner – it was well worth the wait to get that coveted gold ticket to the next round in Toronto.

“The most nerve-wracking (thing) was just waiting there all day,” she says. “(I received) very positive feedback. Zack said he thought I would make the Top 10 so that was very encouraging … it was really good criticism.”