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Canadian travel blogger among Best Job finalists

How would you like to swim, surf, snorkel, boat and bask in the Australian sun for six months? Oh, and also get paid $150,000 for your troubles?

More than 34,000 would-be adventurers from all over the planet submitted audition videos to Tourism Queensland in the hopes of getting hired for The Best Job in the World. The Top 50 shortlist was released yesterday and Canadians were well represented, with an impressive showing of seven finalists. Must be something in the winter…errr…water.

Christine Estima is one of them. Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, Estima is a playwright, travel writer and high-profile blogger who learned that she was short-listed on her 28th birthday.

Q: According to your audition video, you have travelled extensively. What’s been your favourite adventure so far and why?

A: It’s so hard to narrow it down to one adventure, because there’s been so many. I’ve braved La Tomatina festival in Spain, run through the Lavender fields in the south of France, dodged bullets in Lebanon, kayaked in Croatia, climbed mountains in Brazil, cycled across Ireland, and had dramatic love affairs in Poland, Kosovo, and Austria. But I think my most recent adventure has been amongst my favourite – I walked across Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England.

Hadrian’s Wall is a 2000-year-old wall built by Roman Emperor Hadrian to keep the Scots out. It’s 134 kilometres long and runs from one side of England to other. I walked the entire length of the wall. It took me five days. Two of my toes turned purple, I ripped a few muscles in my legs and shoulders, I had massive bruises and scratches, but it was exhilarating, peaceful, invigorating and very meaningful.

Q: Why should people vote for you to represent Canada and the Great Barrier Reef?

A: I would hope that people would vote for me because they recognize something of themselves in me. I like to think of myself as a very patriotic Canadian. A daughter of an immigrant and of mixed ethnicity, bilingual and proud of it, and have a passion for exploring the wonders of the world…but I recognize that the best part of travelling is coming home. I’m adventurous, tough, always looking for a laugh and the nearest Tim Hortons — but I can’t wear white without spilling something on it. Canadians lead more adventurous and daring lives than any other nation, but we’re seen as unassuming, quiet underdogs. I would love if a Canadian was chosen for this job to prove our strength and resilience to the world. And I would love it even more if that Canadian were me.

To find out more about Christine Estima’s application and to cast your vote, click here

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