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Can’t help fawning over eyes of ‘Goats’

‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’
Director: Grant Heslov
Cast: George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey Rating: R
Grade: ?????

Most women (and probably more than a handful of men) would kill to stare into George Clooney’s eyes for a night. But you know what’s even better? Staring into his crazy, bug eyes —which you get to do quite readily in the highly entertaining “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”

Clooney, Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey star as soldiers in a military unit who are trained to believe that they can adopt a cloak of invisibility, pass through walls and kill goats just by fixing their gazes on an object. The whole movie is like porn for ophthalmologists as this insane (yet true) premise gives the stars the perfect opportunity to sport hilarious expressions of concentration throughout the movie.

So, should you see a movie for funny faces alone? To be honest, the freewheeling “Goats” suffers from intense shapelessness, but call us juvenile — it’s just so fun to watch some of the best actors working today give their all to scrunch up their faces while various indifferent goats look on, that this film is a hard one to pass up.

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