Carleton frosh play in alcohol-free Games – Metro US

Carleton frosh play in alcohol-free Games

Teams of pumped-up frosh converged on the Hartwell Locks at Carleton University yesterday to compete in the Canal Games as part of orientation week.

The first-year students engaged in such athletic pursuits as crab soccer (played crawling backward on hands and feet) and battleship (in which opposing teams tried to pelt each other with wet sponges lobbed over an opaque barrier).

The frosh were helped along by upper-year students like facilitator Eli Cymet. Frosh week activities have been alcohol-free at Carleton for years, Cymet, said.

“A lot of students want to stay dry but succumb to pressures otherwise, so this kind of frosh is here to say for this week only, let us show you how much damned fun it can be whether it’s alcoholic or not.”

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