Casey Affleck tries, fails to bring a bat on a plane at LAX – Metro US

Casey Affleck tries, fails to bring a bat on a plane at LAX

Casey Affleck

Doesn’t Casey Affleck know there’s only one Bat-man in the Affleck family?

TMZ tracked down the Oscar-winning Massachusetts native while he attemped to make his way through security at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday. Curiously, the younger Affleck brother was carrying a baseball bat as he walked towards his flight, which prompted the videographer to ask if he’s even allowed to bring the piece of sports equipment on board with him.

“We’re going to find out,” Affleck said as he scurried towards the gate.

While the 41-year-old Academy Award winner is an avid Boston Red Sox fan, and even worked at Fenway Park back in the day, it’s still a bit odd that he’d try to board a plane with a bat that isn’t named Ben. Let’s just say things didn’t go according to plans for the “Manchester by the Sea” star.

Although the TMZ videographer gave him props for providing extra security for his fellow passengers, the folks at LAX didn’t seem to agree. According to the clip, Affleck can be seen talking with TSA agents, who appear to inform him that he can’t bring the bat on board. Rather than argue, it looks like the actor decided to just surrender the equipment so he could make his way to his flight.

Hey, at least they didn’t make him shave his sweet new mustache!

Check out TMZ’s clip of Casey Affleck’s airport woes below.