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Cat missing for almost three years returned to family

The cat came back — it just wasn’t the very next day.

They thought he was a goner, but the cat returned after almost three years, much to the surprise of a 25-year-old Calgary man and his family.

Matthew Patton said his family’s five-year-old cat Alexander went astray from their Rundle home in September 2007 and they hadn’t seen him since.

“I couldn’t believe it when the city called us on Tuesday and said they found our cat. We thought for sure he was dead because it wasn’t like him to go missing, especially for that long,” Patton said.

Patton said they were even more stunned to find out the cat had been wearing the same collar.

“It’s the one he left the house with. I would think if someone had him all this time, they would have changed his collar or something. It’s odd,” he said.

Besides matted fur and a few scruffs, the now seven-year-old cat is in good condition and instantly recognized his family.

“He knew it was us as soon as he saw us. He was purring and rubbing against our hands. He was happy to see us. We’re just really glad to have him back.”

Patton said he and his brother, who now live in Mayland Heights, will keep a close eye on the mischievous feline.

Bylaw boss Bill Bruce said while finding a missing pet after some time is rare, it does happen once in a while.

“It’s the power of identification. But it makes us feel really good when we can get those pets back to owners, especially after some time. It’s great to see the owner’s excitement,” Bruce said.

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