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Celebrating the season

The time of year has come to gather with family and friends, drink eggnog or cider and celebrate the holidays. It’s also when many take the time to give back.

On Friday night, Half a Dino will host a holiday benefit show at APK Live, gathering donations for the London Food Bank.

Half A Dino is a promotions and events collective lead by Matt Trocchi, the man behind many of APK Live’s high profile and high energy shows this past year.

“Every time I put on a show, I didn’t have a name to put the event under,” Trocchi says. “I needed to recruit people to get involved and share the responsibilities of promoting and running shows.”

Trocchi and a group of friends launched Half a Dino in September, building up local recognition and a reputation for great concerts. Now the group is giving back, organizing the holiday fundraiser that boasts performances by 12 local acts.

“We’ve got a pretty good mixture of bands,” Trocchi says. “Some folk bands, some louder bands, some solo projects and a DJ set. I’m really excited for Nope to play, one of the bands from rock lottery.”

Trocchi says every band he asked to participate was eager to get involved.

“Everyone wanted to come together to raise money for the food bank,” he says. “They were all really into the idea.”

With a dozen groups performing, for many musicians it’s an opportunity to spend the night with their peers celebrating the season. For others, it’s a chance to play to friends who are usually out of town and have come home for the holidays.

“I picked all local bands to perform on purpose,” Trocchi says. “It’s community-focused. It’s about gathering friends and it’s a time when people don’t have to be working so they can relax.”

Local acts like CFL Session, Lonnie in the Garden, More More and one of Trocchi’s own bands Lewis Gayfield, will perform, beginning at 6 p.m.

Admission is two canned goods, although people are encouraged to bring as much as they can to support the food bank.

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