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Celebrities weigh in on #YesAllWomen

Is Hannah your Lena Dunham weighed in on the #YesAllWomen hashtag.
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After the Elliot Rodger murders in Santa Barbara on Friday, the hashtag #YesAllWomen spread like wildfire on Twitter this weekend. It began as a retort to “Not all men!” which many women say they hear from men when discussing misogyny, but it soon became a way for women from all walks of life to share their stories of abuse, harassment, and discrimination.

And yes,all women truly have stories to share – even wealthy, privileged women. A number of female celebrities shared their frustrations and support as well.

Sophia Bush is tired of feeling threatened just for walking down the street.


Pioneering web filmmaker Felicia Day may be massively popular, but she still faces online harassment.


Day posted a longer comment on her Tumblr, bemoaning the male habit of ignoring girls who aren’t available. “How sad it is if you’re talking to a guy in a social situation, having a really fun conversation, and then somehow it comes up you have a boyfriend, and theydrop you like a hot potato,” she wrote.”Like, I’ve literally had a person say, ‘Boyfriend’? And WALK AWAY MID-SENTENCE.”

Outspoken feminist filmmaker Lena Dunham shared this story of harassment from her childhood.



Like many women, Gabourey Sidibe voiced her support.


It’s great that these powerful women were brave enough to share their personal stories and support. Unfortunately, the kind of person who needs to hear these stories is not super likely to follow Lena Dunham. They might follow Felicia Day, though. At least until they find out she has a boyfriend.

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