Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks buzz - Metro US

Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks buzz

Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks

The Cavaliers are headed nowhere as they sit at 6-21. Here is more on Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks.

When LeBron James left town, owner Dan Gilbert seemed as though he was going to try a different approach by trying to piece together a fringe contender with the parts left over from the LeBron era.

Thanks to injury, and shear futility, that plan has not worked.

The Cavs are now expected to be a major seller at the trade deadline this February and next summer. In fact, we could see them go full “Process” and try and be the worst team in the league for the next few seasons. After all, they’re not far off right now.

Trading away Kevin Love is the first mission, though there aren’t too many teams that would be willing to absorb Love’s salary. Tristan Thompson is another option.

Here is what The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor and Bill Simmons recently said on Simmons’ podcast regarding the Cavs’ situation.

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“It’s no secret Kevin Love wants to get traded,” Simmons said regarding Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks. “Maybe he should have thought about that before he signed the giant deal but I think he wants to play for a contender. He makes $29 million. It’s really hard to figure out who the contender is that would make that move. Portland’s $12 million over the luxury tax right now, they’re not dying to add Kevin Love. So you have these guys and you have these assets, and the guy I start really thinking about it Tristan Thompson. Because Tristan Thompson is having a really good year. He makes almost $19 million and he’s someone that would absolutely help a playoff team. But he also makes enough money where it’s a little unrealistic that he would get traded.

“It’s almost more realistic, as crazy as this sounds, that he would get bought out and then somebody would sign him at the end of February,” he continued about Celtics Tristan Thompson NBA Trade Rumors Lakers Mavericks. “If you’re Cleveland, you don’t want to take a giant contract back in a trade. I’d rather just buy him out and save $4 million.”

The buyout market would be absolutely frenzied for a player of Thompson’s level and all of the usual suspects would be involved: the Lakers, Celtics, Mavericks and Trail Blazers.

The Lakers are expected to be extremely active on the buyout market as they do not have many assets left over from last summer to make a significant trade.

The Celtics’ are absolutely going to bring in another big man to try and counter Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetekounmpo in the East.

And the Mavericks will also be looking for a traditional center like Thompson to place next to Kristaps Porzingis in the front court.

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