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Changes on way for Bill 44

A controversial bill that could extend human rights protection to parents who want to pull their children from classes on sex or religion will be changed, said Alberta Culture Minister Lindsay Blackett yesterday.

During question period, Blackett told the legislature that Bill 44 will face some amendments, but didn’t specify what those amendments are or what it could mean for parents or teachers.

“We will make some amendments to make sure and clarify the intent of this caucus and this government,” said Blackett after a question was raised by Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann.

“We will not put them in any undue circumstances.”

Government spokeswoman Shawna Cass said the amendment will exempt teachers who make indirect or incidental mentions of sexual orientation, sex or religion.

Parents, however, will still have a right to pull children out of classes, confirmed Cass.

The bill will lead to a change within Alberta’s Human Rights Act that could force school boards to notify parents when teachers offer lessons that deals explicitly with religion or sexual orientation.

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