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Charlie Weis, who was still employed, fired by Kansas

Charlie Weis Charlie Weis wants you to know he’s still better at calling offenses than you.
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Remember Charlie Weis — the guy who flubbed up Notre Dame so badly he was laughed out of the job?

Well he was fired by Kansas on Sunday. I know, right, who knew we was actually coaching somewhere? Well, he was.

Notre Dame was 35-27 under Weis, but was just 16-21 in the final three seasons.

Weis actually took over as offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs after leaving Notre Dame in disgrace, but left after just one season to take over as coordinator for the University of Florida. Upon which he left after just one season again to take over as head coach at the University of Kansas in 2012. He lasted just two and a half seasons.

Kansas won just one Big 12 game during his tenure (last year against West Virginia) and finished 6-22 overall and 1-18 in the conference. That’s epically bad. Even by Kansas standards.

Weis threw 29 (!!) guys off the team in his first season at Kansas. He also brought Notre Dame backup QB Dayne Crist with him as a transfer. Guess what? He still stunk at Kansas.

Twitter, of course, had fun with the Weis firing. Remember, he’ll still have made over $25 million to not coach, so don’t feel too sorry for him. The Irish reportedly paid $19 million to buy out his contract, while Kansas will pay about $7 million. He’ll make about $4.6 million next season — to sit at home and watch football games.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. He’ll accept just $4.5 million to not coach Kansas next season.

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