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Charting the low points of relationships

Forget the gossip and don’t sulk, the best way to fix any fight is to watch a sappy, romantic movie.

Q: Why do couples gossip so much about each other? They’re worse than singletons!

Kate says…
Gee, your friends must be way more interesting than our friends. Maybe it’s time to have a baby.

Q: How do we navigate the down periods in our relationship without overreacting and saying ‘Maybe we should just separate?’

Kate says…
Oh, for crying in the sink. How old are you people? Grow up rst and then get married. A marriage is not a play date and it is no place for idle threats and sulking.

Bret says…
Here’s a way to look at it. Suppose this down period is the worst down period ever and things will never, ever look up. If that’s really how things are, then you should separate, because who wants to live like that? But if it should turn out that things might look up sometime soon, and if when things look up you generally feel like this relationship is fun and good and you barely even mind when your partner farts in the car, then you should wait for sometime soon. How about you spend ve hours reading a book you like or playing Geometry Wars or shopping like you just got your tax refund — and when that’s all over, ask yourself if you feel like maybe separating might be tougher than plain old sitting down with your partner and having a good ght and then moving on quickly to make-up sex.

Q: Why do women like watching sappy, romantic movies more than men?

Kate says…
We don’t actually like sappy, romantic movies so much. It’s just that renting one is a guaranteed way to get some alone time without picking a ght.

Bret says…
Speak for yourself, dear. Personally, I thought The Wedding Planner was just about the loveliest story ever told — because Jennifer Lopez was so busy with her career that she didn’t have time for a relationship, but then Matthew McConaughey taught her about true love. Sometimes I get a little weepy thinking about it, but that’s OK because men have feelings too.

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