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Cheap flights sink Oasis Air

Oasis Airline was grounded yesterday, affecting tens of thousands of passengers and putting an end to cheap daily flights between Hong Kong, Vancouver and London.
The Hong Kong-based airline applied for liquidation yesterday, a year and a half after it launched, selling heavily discounted seats.
Vancouver resident Jane Lai had booked a flight with Oasis to visit her mother in Hong Kong on April 22.
“The ticket has been paid for,” Lai said.
“I’ve called my Visa company and disputed the charge but they can’t do anything until the travel date comes into effect.”
Lai added she’s trying to rebook with Cathay Pacific Airways at a higher price.
Raymond Woo, a Vancouver-based travel agent, said he has several clients stranded in Hong Kong, and that he spent yesterday trying to find alternate flights for them.
Oasis’ demise is also likely to drive up ticket prices.
“All other airlines tried to match them,” Woo said. “Airfares to Hong Kong have never been so low in the past 10 years.”
Woo added he expects prices to rise by about 15 per cent.

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