Chef Gronk helps make a delicious ‘Dunksgiving’ dinner


Happy Gronks-Thanks-Dunksgiving, everybody.

Rob Gronkowski, the Pats’ babyfaced, grid-iron-dominating tight end and lovable Dunkin’ Donuts spokesman, showed off his skills in the kitchen in a new video the coffee chain released Thursday celebrating #Dunksgiving.

Featured alongside Dunks’ executive chef Jeff Miller, Gronk helped brine a turkey (the recipe includes a big pour of Original Blend) and hilariously slide a bird into a plastic bin. “Slippery when wet,” he said.

Chef Gronk on rosemary: “Smells like Christmas.”

“My cooking skills are off the charts,” he also said, adding that his favorite thing to eat is “pancakes.”

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“When you’re blocking someone and you put them on their back it’s called a ‘pancake.’ Those are the best pancakes ‘cause I get hungry during games.”

What Gronk doesn’t make? Gronk Smash-ed potatoes. We think the Dunkin’ Donuts marketing team was asleep at the wheel on that one.

This is the latest Dunks ad to feature the Pats tight end, following up on appearances in three music videos this summer dedicated to the chain, co-starring David Ortiz.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, Dunkin’ Donuts has an executive chef. We apparently have the Buffalo-native to thank for innovations like the Big N’ Toasted, the brownie batter donut and the Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich.

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This is the third-annual holiday feast from Dunkin’ Donuts. Last year the company rolled out a menu of Thanksgiving treats, among them stuffing made with corn muffins and multigrain bagels and a Croissant Donut Tiramisu Napoleon.

In the 2015 video, after dousing their Dunksgiving dinner with espresso-laced gravy, Gronk and Miller dug in.

“It’s almost like a date, man,” Miller said, before cheers-ing the Patriot with a martini glass filled with coffee-colored liquid.

Gronk: “Next year for Gronksgiving we’re gonna have two ladies with us for sure.”

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