Chimp champ Goodall talks environmentalism - Metro US

Chimp champ Goodall talks environmentalism

She’s been studying chimpanzees for 50 years, but Jane Goodall said her job never gets old.

“You’re always learning new things (from) chimps,” the 67-year-old primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace told Metro Vancouver yesterday.

“(They) can live to be over 60. If you imagine studying a village of people you wouldn’t learn all there was in 60 years. Each chimp is different. We’ve just had the opportunity to study adult twins (for the first time).”

Goodall said she’s learned over the decades that to protect chimpanzees and their habitat, we have to improve the lives of the people who live nearby.

“Everything is interconnected,” she said. “Flying over this national park, all around it is poverty and bare hills that were once forests,” she said.

“When I look at small children I think how we’ve handled this planet since I was their age and I feel a sense of desperation. We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents, we’ve borrowed it from our children.”

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