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Chris Bosh Wizards NBA rumors: Spurs Timberwolves Thunder in play

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Chris Bosh is pushing for an NBA return and is looking to join a top contender in the next 10 days.

If Bosh is not signed by an NBA team by March 1, then he will refocus and will look to join a team this summer in free agency. While Bosh recently “team dropped” the Rockets, Warriors and Raptors as potential destinations on ESPN, he would also be open to joining the Wizards, Spurs, Timberwolves and Thunder.

“I’ve been in the gym. I can still play basketball,” Bosh told ESPN’s First Take. “I’m not done yet. I’m trying to come back. Man, I see all these guys shooting 3’s and not playing defense … I gotta get some of it.”

Bosh said he’s looking to join a “winning situation” and will go to whichever team makes “the best deal.”

Don’t expect there to be any sort of bidding war for Bosh’s services, however, despite the fact that he’s still just 33-years-old (the same age as his old running-mate LeBron James) and was averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game just two years ago at this time. Bosh’s blood clot issues will surely scare teams off from even entertaining the idea of signing him. The typical treatment for blood clots involves blood thinners, and any sort of physical contact (which obviously happens in the NBA on a nightly basis) could lead to not only external bleeding but internal bleeding as well.

If a team does sign him, Bosh will still have to clear multiple medical testing hurdles. An “NBA doctor” ruled only nine months ago that Bosh’s blood clot issues were “considered a career-ending illness,” according to the Miami Herald.

“That’s still there in front of me,” Bosh told the Miami Herald of a potential return to the NBA this past December. “The window is still open. Once I close the doors, it’s closed. I don’t open it back up. That’s kind of me as a human being. That’s just one of the things about me. But yeah, for me, I don’t close anything until I’m officially done. So until that day, I will definitely let everybody know when that day comes if it comes soon.”

For the record, the Heat can’t re-sign Bosh because they were awarded cap space relief for the last two years of Bosh’s contract.

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