Chris Evans gives Tom Brady a pass for his pro-Trump ways, because of course he does - Metro US

Chris Evans gives Tom Brady a pass for his pro-Trump ways, because of course he does

Chris Evans has been very vocal about his distaste for Donald Trump’s presidency. When Trump was elected, the conventionally attractive and very sensitive dude-bro found the power within himself to express how he felt in 138 characters: “This is an embarrassing night for America,” he wrote. “We’ve let a hatemonger lead our great nation. We’ve let a bully set our course. I’m devastated.”

But Evans, like so many other white men who star in Marvel based franchises, is not perfect. So the “Gifted” actor told USA Today that if anyone should be excused for voting for Trump, it should be Tom Brady. I’m sorry, what now?

“I know actors get grief for having their opinions shared,” the 35-year-old said. “That’s not going to stop me from expressing what I think and feel.” Okay, fine. But what else, Evans?

“We may have political disagreements. But I don’t want to encourage this landscape of, if you disagree with me politically, you’re my enemy. That’s not the case. That’s easy to say as a privileged white male.” Ooh, buzz words! He must know I can’t resist when a man attemps to reckon with his privilege. “I’m just going out of my way to give Tom Brady a pass. He gave me five rings. What am I supposed to do? He gets a pass.” Oh honey, no.

Brady — who is the kind of man that has a baby cockroach named after him — reportedly thought it would be “great” if Donald Trump was elected president. He also participates in a sport where players suffer multiple concussions and head injuries throughout their careers. So uh, what’s Chris Evans’ excuse?

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