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Chris Pratt plays Franchise Bingo

Chris Pratt already has “Jurassic World,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Lego Movie” to keep him busy, but what if we could plug him into any number of other franchises? We let Pratt decide where he’d fit in best across the Hollywood universe.

“I would be, like, a disgruntled Stormtrooper who’s always had a strong belief and faith in the Empire, like grew up a patriot of the Empire and now sees that the Empire is run by bad guys. I think that would be an interesting take on it.”

“I guess I’d have to be Captain Kirk’s son, Kirk Kirk. You know, Kirk Cameron Kirk.”

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“I would be James Bond, but with an Essex accent. I would be like a super-campy Essex James Bond who’s just a piece of s—. Just trashy. He just sucks at his f—ing job.”

“I would play an auto mechanic who is the first one to be able to fix computers in new cars the way people used to be able to fix carburetors in old cars. Like I could tune them all by ear. You don’t have to plug anything in. I could fix a computer with just a soldering iron and a stethoscope.”

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“I would be the voice of Emmett from ‘The Lego Movie’ in the ‘Toy Story’ reboot as Emmett.”

“I would be a man whose special skill is his skull is made of adamantium, but the rest of his body is just normal, so he, like, head-butts things as a parlor trick but is essentially pretty useless when it comes to fighting. I wear body armor, but no helmet. His mutant name would be Numbskull.”

“Oh man, I would play a Frankenstein. I would play a version of Frankenstein who’s completely incapable — just like Frankenstein — of any real feelings of emotion or amorous love, but still has a ton of really intense sex scenes.”

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