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Cicret bracelet turns your arm into a touchscreen display

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A French developer has created a wristband prototype that projects your smartphone touchscreen on your arm. 25-year-old Guillaume Pommier’s Cicret device uses eight proximity sensors that sends information on your finger movement to the processor in your bracelet. So, your smartphone can be controlled in extreme conditions, even underwater. “Not only your arm, but any surface can become touchscreen,” said Pommier, who is currently developing the first prototype of the gizmo.

Why do you want the Cicret bracelet become reality?

We want to create an independent device that allows users to do what they want with a computer, tablet or phone, but on your skin or any surface you choose. The first purpose of a bracelet: let you control the storage of personal information in a close and secure way.

How could it be helpful?

It allows to control your devices wherever you are, even driving a car, working in a manufacture, even taking a bath.

Is it working just on skin?

In fact, any surface can become a touchscreen. Our pico-projector doesn’t make difference about it. The Cicret can lead to many possible breakthroughs in touchscreen devices. I think we will possibly have touchscreen mirrors, windows and fridges in two years’ time.

And a bracelet, when it’ll be available?

The first prototype will be ready in a few weeks. But the pre-produced version just in June of the next year.

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