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Citizens hope council ‘listening’ on Plan-It

Concerned citizens hope that Calgary’s aldermen will take their suggestions to heart today during continued debate over the city’s Plan-It development plan.

“Have the courage of your convictions” is Nasheed Nenshi’s message to councillors as they head into today’s meeting.

Nenshi is a volunteer with the Better Calgary Campaign and said council should consider a citizen’s report card on the amendments to the plan.

He said, most importantly, council should not accept an amendment that changes a section requiring developers to have 70 people per gross developable hectare to 70 people or jobs.

“We can not live with that one,” he said adding the change could allow the city’s sprawl to continue.

Plan-It will set development policy for the city for the next 60 years.

“Calgarians are engaged in decisions that affect our future,” said Cheri Macaulay, a member of CivicCamp. “Today we find out if council is listening.”

The Canadian Homebuilders Association has spoken against the plan along with other development groups, saying the market should control the flow of development.

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