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City Landing flaunts fare with a flair

While most Bostonians and tourists have no qualms with the typical Hub fare of fish ‘n’ chips, baked beans and chowder, it’s hard to deny that local foodies are raising the bar on their out-to-eat orders.

That’s one reason City Landing has hit Long Wharf, and it’s packing an original punch.

The eatery opened Friday under the culinary leadership of Cape Cod chef Bill Brodsky, who believes that Boston is developing a more adventurous palate.

“It is getting a little big edgier. It used to be that New York was the only place in New England for that, but its nice to see that there is a movement toward taking food more seriously in general,” said Brodsky. “From a cuisine standpoint I’m really not looking to offer the standard fare. I’m looking to give it a little bit of a twist.”

Like any New Englander, Brodsky loves his lobster rolls, but his menu steps it up by serving an emulsified butter-poached lobster served on a grilled Portuguese sweet roll with micro-celery and fleur du sel.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with mayo and celery. I could eat that stuff all day,” Brodsky said.

Another unique take on a solid dish: the restaurant’s livered onions with leeks and porcini pierogi.

“This is me playing on the classics again; this time with a decadent, over-the-top take. It is inspired by a trip to Paris where I felt like I was transported into the French countryside just by taking a bite. Calves liver gets updated with house-made bacon, and a porcini mushroom scented pierogi. I am really excited to bring this dish to Boston,” he said.

The bustling Greenway, which is right outside the door, inspired the eatery’s menu and its decor with its energy.

“There is a vibe. You can feel the excitement going on outside,” Brodsky said. “We really tried to open the restaurant up to what’s going on outside.”

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