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City seeking artists’ enclave at Khyber

The Khyber Building on Barrington Street could soon be an “incubator” for emerging artists.

“What HRM doesn’t have right now is a place for professional artists to basically incubate and develop their careers,” said Andrew Whittemore, manager of community relations and cultural affairs for the municipality.

A new staff report being presented to Halifax regional council tonight is asking for the approval of a three-year operating strategy that would introduce new programs, offer studio space and allow Halifax artists to “experience, produce and perform” at the downtown Halifax location, said Whittemore.

The building, which sits at 1588 Barrington St., requires up to $1 million in repairs, the majority of which is needed for an elevator to meet the accessibility code, he said.

The report asks for a $50,000 short-term budget to make minor repairs and renovations.

The proposed operating budget for 2010-11 is about $132,000, the report said.

If approved by council, artists could begin creating in the Khyber Building mid-way into Year 1 of the strategy.

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