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City to refund holders of Dec. transit passes

It probably won’t make up for all the money people have already spent on cab fare, but the city is offering refunds to transit riders who paid for December bus passes.

Residents will be reimbursed for the value of service lost during the 22 days without transit in December. Depending on the type of pass, pass holders would receive around $2.80 for each day. However, the city is encouraging people to hold onto their December passes as discounts will be available when service resumes.

Automatic Eco Pass deductions have been halted. That will not resume for some time after the buses start up again, and it will vary by employer.

The city is estimating that the cost of refunding all customers would be more than $5 million.
It’s also going to be a bit cheaper to park. On-street parking rates will be lowered to $2.50 per hour from $3.

Drivers who arrive at most municipal parking lots between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. with three or more people in the car will get a discount of $1 per passenger, starting Jan. 23.

“We will continue to look for new and innovative measures that can be put in place to make things as easy as possible,” said Mayor Larry O’Brien.

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