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City will debate sacking use of plastic bags

Valerie Moore has already been using reusable bags whenever possible when shopping.

“We are trying to be more environmentally conscious by taking our own bags to the grocery store,” said Moore.

This week, city council will determine if an education campaign and encouraging voluntary reduction in plastic bag use is a better option than an outright ban.

“It is a good idea because it reduces waste in our landfills,” said Moore.

“Businesses also can gain from consumers reusing bags because they have some advertising on them.”

The investigation into the use of plastic bags done by the city showed that some citizens were concerned about the environmental impacts they cause, such as litter, esthetic concerns and that they may be toxic or fatal if ingested by animals.

A city document said that a total ban on plastic bags would likely face legal challenges, and that working with industry partners would be a more beneficial route. Consumers would likely only see costs that affect them when first purchasing reusable bags.

The issue will be discussed at the May 20 Utilities and Environment committee meeting.

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