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Cleanup time in south end

Cleanup is in full force in south Calgary after a flash storm hit the city Monday, flooding the streets and sending branches flying.

One Shawnessy home narrowly escaped being struck by a large tree that fell into the front yard during the storm.

“It was scary because at first the weather was really good and then all of the sudden, bang, there was really dark clouds,” said Stella Cheifmoon, who lives four houses down from the fallen tree.

“It really did a lot of damage to the yards. We’re going to have to do a lot of cleanup.”

Next door to Cheifmoon lives Bonnie McGlynn, who said she believed her neighbours may be on vacation and unaware of the fallen debris in their yard.

She said along with the strong winds, water flooded the streets on Shawinigan Drive.

“It was just a downpour,” she said.

“The whole street on that side was flooded, it was flooded up the wheel wells of (my neighbour’s) car.”

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